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Replacing a Virtual Connect - Fibre Channel module question.

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Replacing a Virtual Connect - Fibre Channel module question.

Pierre had a VC-FC module replacement question:




When replacing a VC-FC module in four MES enclosure, the new VC-FC module might come with newer firmware and this firmware will need to be downgrade. What is the best practices to downgrade only that single module? Is it possible to use VCSU to work with that single module?




Reply from Vincent:




If I’m not mistaken, you can run a vcsu –a update with the firmware package currently running in the domain and vcsu will detect the module with the newer firmware and offer to downgrade it.




Reply also from Mark:




Yes, Vincent is correct.


If you need to update (firmware downgrade or upgrade) on a VC module (Ethernet or FC) in a existing VC Domain, as long as you use the version that is already installed in the Domain, there is nothing special about this.

VCSU will only prompt the user to update the module that is not running the firmware that is in that package.


Do not use the “Force/Version”. That will re-flash all the modules in the domain including the recently installed module as well.




Reply from Pierre:




We did follow Vincent recommendation and it work fine