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Reserve World-Wide Names (wwn's) when moving from VC FlexFabric

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Reserve World-Wide Names (wwn's) when moving from VC FlexFabric

Avi had a question on reserving WW Fibre Channel names (WWN) when moving Domains:




I have customer that going to replace on several enclosures the FlexFabric modules with VC Flex-10 + VC Fibre Channel modules. The enclosures are managed with  Virtual COnnect Enterprise Manager (VCEM).

The servers on the enclosures are HPBL680 g7 .


There are 2 domain groups with several domains under each one.

I’m going to build a new domain for the VC Flex-10 modules, and discover it under the Insight Control manager so it will be  available to the VCEM. Is there any option to reserve the wwn’s so after the replacement of the modules , all the servers profiles will remain with their original wwn’s.




Help from Kelly:




There are multiple steps to this upgrade.  This was a high level plan I wrote for a customer (intended to preserve profiles)


1)      Vacate production from enclosure (move all the vm guests and shutdown ESX hosts)

2)      In VCEM, un-assign the profiles in this enclosure  (DO NOT DELETE the profiles, just un-assign them from the blades)

****  If the LAST domain of the DomainGroup, MOVE the profile too!!!  When the last domain leaves the Domain group, all profiles are removed in that domain group.

3)      In VCEM – export the “VC domain” (enclosure) from the VG Domain group

4)      Via a CLI into the 1/10 VC module, capture a “show config”  (this will give us the current config to re-use)

5)      As a secondary measure, also capture a “VC Config Backup” via the VCM web interface of the 1/10 module and a “show all *” from the CLI of the VC

6)      Perform the hardware upgrade (remove the 1/10 modules, install the new Flex-10/10D + FW 4.01 if wanted) & cable  (new uplink ports/cables/trunks ?)

7)      “Copy-n-paste” the config captured in step 4 (may need some modifications for new uplinks and etc, but the Ethernets should be the same)

8)      Once “base config” is done using the new VC modules, import the enclosure back into VCEM (will need to be a NEW VG Domain group)

9)      Re-assign Blade profiles from step #2.  Make any modifications ( Min/Max and etc if needed)

10)   Repeat the process for the next enclosure…..




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