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Restore deleted server profile

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Restore deleted server profile

Is it possible to restore a deleted server profile?

I have accidentally deleted all unassigned server profiles and all profiles assigned to servers that are powered off because I used the top selection box to select 9 profiles that should be deleted. I deselected the profile that should not be deleted. But unless that action every server profile in your environment is still selected and hitting the delete button will make a job for every server profile to delete it. Luckily it cannot delete a profile from a running server.

So I thought I had selected 9 profiles but in fact I had selected all profiles minus 1 and hit delete. You can image how I felt when I saw the job list...

So I have now a couple of servers that has no profile anymore because they were powered off. Is it possible to restore server profiles?


[edit] I was doing these actions from the VCEM inside HPSIM

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Re: Restore deleted server profile

No its not possible without restore the hole vc domain backup. But you can use a trick.


Make a new profile with the same settings, maybe you can copy a familar profile off the neighbour bay.

You only get new wwn/mac adresses assigned to the profile.




say the wwn range table is:







when you remove serverprofile with wwn number "2," the new profile willl first fill row 2, it dont make a number 5, but just fisrt fill-up the deleted positions in the range.


So, if you remove only one profile, recreate it with the same interfaces en bandwiths and you get a good chance that the same WWN will be used.


And else its not a very big problem to create te same profile with new wwn addressed, you have only to re-zone that server on your SAN controller and san-switches, pace off cake for a storage administrator :)

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Re: Restore deleted server profile

Thanks for your reply marcelkoedijk.

I will recreate the profiles with copy's similar profiles. Restoring the hole vc domain will cause more problems than it solves I guess.
It's a bit of work but it will be the easiest to do. :)