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Review my C7000 VC config ...

Occasional Advisor

Review my C7000 VC config ...

Guys, could you help me review our C7000 network config.


  • C7000 Blade System G2 (x3)
  • 2 x HP VC Flex-10 Enet Module (Firmware 4.45)
  • 4 x 10G uplinks (2 per module) connected to Cisco 4500


  • Blades are either BL490c G7 or BL460c Gen9
  • Mixed O/S on Blades (majority ESXi 6 with some Windows 2012 R2)


Single SUS  (Active \Passive) config


Server profile as follows (VMware) …


 Server profile as follows (Windows) …


 The things I’d like to review is if we would be better switching to 2 x SUS and an Active\Active config?

Super Advisor

Re: Review my C7000 VC config ...

@LumberJack1874 I'm also interested to know if that is possible or not to configure the existing SUS to become A/A without causing downtime ?

Let me know how did you go.