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SAN World Wide Name (WWN) Mismatch ...

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SAN World Wide Name (WWN) Mismatch ...

Greg had a Virtual Connect FlexFabric question:




I have an enclosure populated with BL460 G7 blades mated with FlexFabric modules. The OAs are running on 3.21. The FF modules are running on 3.18. The server profiles are configured with pass-through addresses. From the OA point of view, the WWNs appear to be the MAC addresses with “00:00” appended to the end. The SAN admins, however, are telling me that they are seeing WWNs that appear to be the MAC addresses with “10:00” prepended to the beginning. I have three profiles defined and all three are showing the same issue. Has anyone seen this before?




From Mark:




It was a cosmetic issue that was fixed in VC 3.30


QXCR1001115104: FCoE WWN is not displayed correctly in OA when VC Profile is assigned




Hope this helps.Have you downloaded and are using VC v3.30 yet?