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SAP Switchover Environments and Virtual Connect (VC)

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SAP Switchover Environments and Virtual Connect (VC)

Christoph had a customer question:






I have a customer that wants to put his SAP systems from stand-alone into Blade- Enclosures with Virtual Connect Modules.  Each Application has own “server-name” and IP address. In the case of a failover this is transparent for the clients.  A question arose how VC decides what has to go to the uplink and stays in the domain.


How long has the server to be down in order to “clear arp caches in VC” and to be able to connect to the “stand-by host” in the same domain with the IP and the “new” Mac address . For Stand-by outside  the enclosure this is no problem.


Another question : I there a chance that it will be possible to manage a multi enclosure Domain with the primary enclosure down?




Chris provided some info:




VC is no different than any other L2 forwarding bridge.  VC has the intelligence to forward traffic to destinations it has learned the source and destination MAC addresses of (often called the CAM Table in the traditional switch.)  ARP timeout is the default 300 seconds, or 5 minutes.


If the Base Enclosure (enc0 ID) is no longer available, then VCM is no longer available to manage the domain.  There is no way to split the Primary and Redundant VCM modules across enclosures.




Any other input for Christoph? Comments?