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SFP+ to CX4 Cable: Any references or experiences?

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SFP+ to CX4 Cable: Any references or experiences?

Alexandra was looking for some customer help:




Hi Experts,


My customer needs to connect their new Virtual Connect 20/40 to their Cisco 6513 with 10G CX4 ports.

I’m looking for cables CX4/SFP+ or CX4 to SFP+ converters or any idea or experience that helps me solving this…. Any thoughts?


So far this is what I’ve found:




Input from Vincent: 


So, in a nutshell, take the X2-10GB-CX4 modules out of the Cisco 6513, and replace them with CVR-X2-SFP10G (your first link, make sure your line card and IOS version support it). Then either use a HP QSFP+ to 4x10G SFP+ DAC if the Cisco side supports it (plug it into a QSFP+ port on the FF 20/40 side), or use a Cisco DAC plugged into a SFP+ port on the FF 20/40 side, or plugged into a QSFP+ port with a QSFP+ to SFP+ adapter.


Makes sense ?


Also from Dan: 

Exactly what Vincent said:


I didn’t realize they made X2 Transceivers that used CX4 as the cable on the Cisco side.

So I’m glad to see it’s a fairly easy fix to simply remove them and use the Cisco converter and then a DAC.

My first inclination is to use the SFP+ port on our side and a Cisco DAC, as it’s the path of least resistance with their Cisco Network guys.

Using the HP Breakout/Octopus DAC will require them to enable 3rd party aka “unsupported” transceivers in their Cisco 6513 config.


The other option would be to go Fiber SR.

This will be more expensive, but will not have the limits of the DAC when it comes to distance.

You would likely want an “SR” Fiber transceiver on each end.

On the Cisco side, they make X2 Transceivers that are 10Gb SR and use SC type cables (the bigger boxier connector)

Then on the HP side just stick a normal SFP+ transceiver into one of the right hand side SFP+ ports on the 20/40.

And lastly, somewhere in the mix, you will need a Fiber cable that’s LC to SC to convert from our physical connector type to theirs. (Its Multimode cable on both sides, so these cables are common)

Where you put that cable will depend on their Fiber patch panels, if any, and what connector they use (SC/LC)




Other input?