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SIze and number of VC Domains per VC Domain Group Best Practice

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SIze and number of VC Domains per VC Domain Group Best Practice

Customer question to Jason:




How many VC Domains would you recommend putting into 1 VC Domain Group?


Seems to not have a technical limit so looking for best practice.


Customer heard not to exceed 7 or 8. (At HP training)

That seems low to me but wanted more input.




Answers from Fred:




There’s no single answer to this question.  There’s some guidance in the VCEM User Guide:


In defining a VC Domain Group, consider hardware and firmware update paths. Smaller VC

Domain Groups allow smaller units to update while larger VC Domain Groups have less

management touch points. Larger VC Domain groups take longer to propagate configuration

changes when completing maintenance mode. More fully configured VC Domains take longer to

propagate than those with fewer network and storage connections.


How the customer organizes management responsibilities could factor into domain group design too. VCEM supports Role Based Access Controls in concert with SIM. If there are collections of VC domains which are managed by different teams, it might make sense to put them in separate Domain Groups so the administrator can apply management permissions using RBAC.




Other advice for Jason?

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Re: SIze and number of VC Domains per VC Domain Group Best Practice

Comments from Dan:




To add on to that, keep in mind that ALL enclosures or stacks in a VCDG need to have identical uplinks.

This also means Identical SAN Fabric and VLAN definitions as well.

And with Mapped Mode VLAN Limits of 1000, and cutting that in half for Active/Active designs….


That is often a limiting point before VCEM would have any problems.