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SUS rules and LACP


SUS rules and LACP

"As of Virtual Connect Firmware 2.30 release, the following Shared Uplink Set rules apply per domain:

  • 320 Unique VLANs per Virtual Connect Ethernet module
  • 128 Unique VLANs per Shared Uplink Set
  • 28 Unique Server Mapped VLANs per Server Profile Network Connection
  • Every VLAN on every uplink counts towards the 320-VLAN limit. If a Shared Uplink Set is comprised of multiple uplinks, each VLAN on that Shared Uplink Set is counted multiple times. "

Could someone clarify how VLANs should be counted when building a LACP-LAG of i.e 6 Interfaces?

Does the LACP-LAG count as 1 uplink (for the calculation above) or would it count at i.e; 6 interfaces?


Any feedback would be appreciated



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Re: SUS rules and LACP

I b elieve you count each interface. I have asked one of the blades experts to make sure.

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Re: SUS rules and LACP

When calculating the number of VLANs against the 320 total supported VLANs, you multiple the number of defined VLANs by the number of uplinks in the shared uplink set(s).  Ex; 10 (VLANs) x 6 (Uplinks) = 60


(320-60=260) - you have 260 VLANs available.


Keep in mind this is a MODULE number, not domain.