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Setting a Administrator Virtual Connect passwords with out a VC_Domain

Trusted Contributor

Setting a Administrator Virtual Connect passwords with out a VC_Domain

Andrew needed some info:




I have a partner working with a enterprise account on pre-configuring the V.C. Administrator account.


Checking this out on a V.C. 1:10 (original) FW 2.20 - I have not yet been able to get this to update to FW 3.15 - the fw file is to big!!



Does anyone know - Is it possible to change the Administrator account password without setting up a VC_Domain?

The customer wants these set prior to shipping the enclosure or modules to the account.


It appears the Administrator and other accounts passwords are stored within the VC_DOMAIN - I have been able to set the passwords -  but as soon as I delete the domain the passwords revert back to default.




Mark responded:




The default VC "Administrator Account" password is the TOE TAG Password of the VC Module in Bay 1.

You cannot change the TOE TAG password, it is not field programmable.

You cannot change the Administrator Account for VC without having a Domain exist.




James also joined in:




I am not aware of any 2.20 VC Firmware.  What are the VC and the OA FW revesions?


You will need to use the VCSU to update the FW to 3.15.  The GUI within Virtual Connect Manager will not work w/ any 3.XX FW releases.






Any other words of wisdom for Andrew?