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Should all Virtual Connect (VC) modules have an IP address?

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Should all Virtual Connect (VC) modules have an IP address?

YongKyu had  customer question on Virtual Connect modules:




Hi, Experts.


My customer used 4 FlexFabric ( HP Virtual Connect FlexFabric 10Gb/24-port Module for BladeSystem c-Class) on Interconnect bay 1,2,3,4.


OA 4.01 , VC 4.10.


All the 4 VC modules have each IP address. Absolutely yes. Unless to be removed from the domain.


By management reason, customer removed Bay2 VC module IP address.


After that, Bay2 VC module status changed to “unknown” to VCM and FC connection to external network was broken.




1.     All the VC modules should Have IP address ?


2.     If VC module didn’t Have IP address, expected symptom?


3.     Customer should change all management IP address ( OA , VC ) to different subnet on online , it can impact production ?




Reply from Hoa:




A1.   Each module must have its IP.   Unless no longer part of the domain.


A2.   Unable to communicate with OA, status unknown as you said.


A3. OA, iLOs, VC modules should be in one management subnet.


Take OA show config , edit IP values, save the file in .cfg, then restore.   Impact? Yes but very short.     You can try to restore bay 2 old IP unless taken live.   Move to entire new range impact?   Yes but short.


With Blade & VC power off slightly disengage from midplane, restore OA .cfg from Insight display or OA GUI, insert VC modules, GUI or CLI in VCM, insert and power on all Blades or any required specific order. Any Blade unable to release old IP? Reset iLO to factory default via POST using front SUV dongle and iLO F8 when prompted.




Other comments?