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Smart-Link Not working


Smart-Link Not working



We have a single C7000 enclusure with two Virtual Connect Flex-Fabric 24 port modules.  We have configured this as an active-active setup, so we have:

Two SUS's, using 2 uplink ports on each module with LACP configured. SmartLink is enabled on all VNet's.

Two ISCSI Vnets using1 uplink on each module - Smart-Link is enabled on both Vnets  

When we test a failure of an ISCSI link, Smart-link kicks in and shuts down the downlink ports and appropriate Flexnics. 

However, when we test a failure of both uplinks from a SUS, the downlink ports remain up and the Flexnics act as though nothing has happened.  

Can someone explain what's going on here? Is it possible that the internal cross connects are being used the moment the SUS on one side fails, thereby sending the traffic across to the remaining active module?


Thanks in advance