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Some questions about Virtual Connect FlexFabric

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Some questions about Virtual Connect FlexFabric

Zhao had some FlexFabric questions:




Hi, experts


We have a customer that is testing FlexFabric modules, and have some questions after they tested it.


1. Is iSCSI/FC boot is only supported on FlexNIC 2 of port 1?

   how stable is this FlexNIC, how much risk is this iSCSI/FC booting due to the specific FlexNIC failure? any alternative in case of this FlexNIC failure happened?


2. if utilization iSCSI/FC storage, it seems that we must divide the 10G port into 4 FlexNICs to see the iSCSI/FC HBA, is it?

   since VMware also provides some way to share the 2x10G bandwidth between different traffic type and can also limit speed for certain traffic

   how is the FlexNIC division works with VMware bandwidth sharing between different products?


3. do you have automation script in automatic deployment/installation of the flexfabirc configuration?




Vincent provided some info:




The FlexFabric version of the cookbook is coming soon.


Regarding your specific questions:


1/ Yes, it’s always the 2nd physical function that can be used as a FlexHBA for storage (iSCSI or FCoE). Redundancy is provided by having one FlexHBA on each 10Gb port.


2/ You can have the FlexHBA using x Gb/s of bandwith and one FlexNIC using (10-x) Gb/s, leaving the other 2 FlexNICs unassigned. Then you can use VMware’s NetIOC to do the traffic shaping on that FlexNIC.


3/ Not out of the box as every customer will be different but everything is scriptable through the VC CLI




Any other comments or input for Zhao?