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Spare Blade Configuration with BladeSystem

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Spare Blade Configuration with BladeSystem

A question from Vamsi on setting up a spare blade for failover:




How does Spare Blade tech. work ?

I have assigned one Blade on each of our enclosures here to be used a spare. Please advise on its configuration..




Reply from Dan:

It’s a rather cumbersome process if I remember right.


  1. You have to define a System Group/Collection to define which Systems you want to protect
  2. Then you have to setup some kind of alarm/action to occur when one of the members of that Collection fails
  3. The action of that alarm will contain the option to run a script (I think, this is from memory)
  4. That script is the VCEM Spare Activation script (might be called something slightly different)


I am adding the Insight Software PDL to this as it’s more of an Insight Control feature than a VC one.

Hopefully one of the IC experts can elaborate or point you to where this is documented.


Input from Fred:

The VCEM UG has information on the profile failover process.


There’s also a slightly dated though still helpful WP on profile failover


Reply from Dan:

Thanks Fred.  Page 127 in the first link is the process I was trying to describe below.

Initiating VC Server Profile Failover using Systems Insight Manager Automatic Event



Second doc looks much more comprehensive though.


Question from Vamsi:

A quick question, 

Can this be done only when the Matrix configuration is complete ?


Response from Dan:

Matrix has to be installed in order to get into VCEM.

Matrix does not have to be fully configured.


I always forget the name but the first drop down menu up top, like Tools or something.

You go in there and there is an option for Intragrated Consoles with an arrow

Then V C E M is under there.




Other comments or questions?