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Stacking 2 c7000 enclosures 8 vc modules

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Stacking 2 c7000 enclosures 8 vc modules



Enclosure Setup

Enclosure 0 - Primary

Bay 1 1/10gb-F vc enet

Bay 2 1/10gb-F vc enet

Bay 3 VC FC 4gb

Bay 4 VC FC 4b

Bay 5 empty

Bay 6 empty

Bay 7 VC Flex-10 Enet

Bay 8 VC Flex-10 Enet


Enclosure 1 - Secondary

Bay 1 VC Flex 10 Enet

Bay 2 VC Flex 10 Enet

Bay 3 VC FC 4gb

Bay 4 VC FC 4gb

Bay 5 empty

Bay 6 empty

Bay 7 1/10gb-F vc enet

Bay 8 1/10gb-F vc enet


I currently have CX4 cables connecting:

Enc-0/Bay-1 to Enc-1/Bay-7

Enc-0/Bay-2 to Enc-1/Bay-8

Enc-0 Bay-7 to Enc-1/Bay-1

Enc-0 Bay-8 to Enc-1/Bay-2


Each bay also has a connection to their respective switch for outside connection.


Now, with all that in mind, my stacking seems to have failed miserably with failed connection for stacking links and no redundancy.


Can anyone please point me in the right direction on this? i've looked up and down the virtual connect cookbook along with the Virtual connect setup and installation guide AND the virtual connect multi-enclosure stacking reference guide with no luck.

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Re: Stacking 2 c7000 enclosures 8 vc modules

I will see what the experts say.

Re: Stacking 2 c7000 enclosures 8 vc modules

You appear to be missing the virtical stacking cables between modules in Bays 1 and 7, 2 and 8  in each enclosure.


There are several ways to stack VC.  A simple stack connects all modules in a loop.  However, you also need to minize single points of failure, so, ideally, you should stack/interconnect all left side modules, then do the same on the right side.  This will create more of a stacking mesh as the modules are also stacked/connected internally.


I would propose the following as an option;

Module Stacking

Enc-0/Bay-1 to Enc-0/Bay-7 (CX-4)

Enc-0/Bay-2 to Enc-0/Bay-8 (CX-4)

Enc-1/Bay-1 to Enc-1/Bay-7 (CX-4)

Enc-1/Bay-2 to Enc-1/Bay-8 (CX-4)


Enclosure Stacking

Enc-0/Bay-7 to Enc-1/Bay-1 (DAC)

Enc-0/Bay-2 to Enc-1/Bay-2 (DAC)


Optionally, if the bandwidth is not required, 1Gb RJ45 cables can be used for stacking.


Also, this stacking scheme will also ensure full availability when upgrading firmware.