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Stacking Question: VC-Flex 10 and VC-FF Modues in Same Enclosure?

HPE Blogger

Stacking Question: VC-Flex 10 and VC-FF Modues in Same Enclosure?

Stacking is a common line of inquiry in the server world, and Steve wrote in with a great question regarding Virtual Connect:







Have an enclosure with VC Flex-10 modules in Bays 1 and 2 and VC-FF in 5 and 6. VC Management is on the VC-FF modules. There is no vertical stacking between modules 1 and 5 and 2 and 6. Is it supported to do vertical stacking connections between different types of VC modules? They are running FW 4.20








Vincent came back with a very helpful answer:






Are you sure VC management is on the VC-FF modules ? Normally VC Manager runs on the modules in the lower-numbered bays, in your case Flex-10 in bays 1 and 2, you don't get to choose.


Anyway, not only it is supported but it is mandatory to have vertical stacking links between all VC Ethernet modules in the domain, at least with VC firmware < 4.30. 4.30 introduces the partial stacking feature.








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