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Stacking c7000 Enclosures

David Claussen
Regular Advisor

Stacking c7000 Enclosures

I have 2 x c7000s, using redundant FLEX-10 VCMs.  I was told when I set them up 2 years ago that "Stacking enclosures was not neccessary".  Now that I know better, I want to stack them.


My question; using the SPF+ 10GB Copper cable(s), can I plug these cables in any port (other than 7,8)?  Or does it have to go in port 1?




Enclosure1 / FLEX10Bay1 / X6  to  Enclosure2 / FLEX10Bay1 / X6

Enclosure1 / FLEX10Bay2 / X6  to  Enclosure2 / FLEX10Bay2 / X6


Thanks everyone.


- Dave Claussen