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Steps to back out multi-enclosure Virtual Connect Managed (VCM) config

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Steps to back out multi-enclosure Virtual Connect Managed (VCM) config

Scott was looking to help a customer:




Hey folks,


My teammate (cc'd) is in the field today and the customer is trying to take two enclosures which share the same VC domin and make them independent again.


Is "Domain Settings" the right place to start (by deleting the second enclosure), followed by disconnecting the stacking links?  And what happens to the domain config on the second enclosure?




Vincent provided some guidance:




Yes. Extracted from the Virtual Connect user guide:

To remove a remote enclosure, disassociate all profiles, networks, port sets, and port monitors from the

enclosure. If the enclosure is currently in a No-COMM state, the remote enclosure remains in VC Mode.

Take the enclosure out of VC mode manually with the OA command line for that enclosure.

To remove a remote enclosure:

1.  Go to the Domain Settings (Domain Enclosures) screen (on page 26).

2.  Select the checkbox next to the enclosure to be removed.

3.  Click Delete.


The second enclosure will be returned to bare-metal state, no domain configured.




Any other advice for Scott? Comments?