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Strange behaviour: Random SFP go down on VC 3.18

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Strange behaviour: Random SFP go down on VC 3.18

Hello all,


We are detecting some strange behaviour and no one seems to find out the reason. We have searched on this forum but we have not found similar topics.




Enclosure HP C7000 (Blades bl460c G6 and G7)


VC firmware: 3.18

OA firmware: 3.30


Blade Bios and ILO up-to-date (3.18 compatible Matrix)




Our VC switches (Slot 1, Slot 2) are not working fine: SFP go down (lights off and no link ) and we have to unplug and plug them again.


This problem happens on both VC switches (random SFP, sometimes it happens to multiple SFP on different switches) and no detailed log entries are created (Just the fallback event). HP local technician checked our configuration and it seems to be ok.


Several network profiles are created with different ports (x1, x2, x3...). Some of them are connected to the same network but lacp is not used because we prefer to choose the links manually.


Stacking links sftp are not present (unpluggeD) because no other enclosures are interconnected (In fact Slots switch 3,4 are FC)


Proposed solution:


The first proposed solution was updating the firmware version (3.01) so we promoted them to 3.18. Afterwards our VC switches failed again (same problem) and we changed them


Current situation:


The problem still happens and the proposed solution is updating to 3.30 (We are not very convinced about this solution).




Has you ever saw this problem? Do you have any idea about the reasons?


Thank you!



P.S Merry Christmas! ;)

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Re: Strange behaviour: Random SFP go down on VC 3.18

Although we have updated our Virtual Connect to 3.30, the problem still happens.


Any idea?


Thank you!

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Re: Strange behaviour: Random SFP go down on VC 3.18

Some additional information:


1- The other end: 4 x H3C s5800 (IRF) show link up on the ports connected to the failing VC ports



2- On the VC end some blades show link down on the internal ethernet cards that are connected to the external SFP that was disconnected (SFP fail ramdonly). At the same time green light is on, but the orange one is off.


3- VC show degraded and warning messages


4- STP is disabled on H3C switches, Speed is Auto 1GB.


5- New 3.30 logs are not including any valuable informacion.



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Re: Strange behaviour: Random SFP go down on VC 3.18

did you open a HP support case on this? HP support may ask for VC support dump file which contains much more detailed debug info than VC logs.


what's VC model? Flex-10? also, is this 1G or 10G connection? If it's 1G SFP(which I assume from the post), what's the transceivers part number and cable you use on 5800 and VC?

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