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Teaming with win2012 and Virtual Connect (VC)

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Teaming with win2012 and Virtual Connect (VC)

Avi had a customer question on NIC teaming documentation when working with Microsoft Win2012 server.




Is there any official document that explain win2012  nic teaming option supported by Hp blade with virtual connect.


Microsoft support told the customer that he can config the teaming within the 2012 as LACP , but when trying to do that customer get error, Is this lacp teaming supported with VC ?




Lots of replies:




From Kevin:

Please read the following documentation for guidance on configuration of NIC Teaming related to Windows 2012 R2.


“Windows Server 2012 NIC Teaming (LBFO) Deployment and Management”.


I have been successfully able to get NIC teaming configured with the following parameters. If you require additional support I would suggest you log a case with the GCC ISS response center.


[Teaming Configuration] - Windows 2012 Native Teaming Switch Independent Address Hash Standby Adapter Defined


[Disabled NIC Options]

Receive Side Scaling

Large Send Offload Version 2

Recv Segment Coalescing


Unfortunately I know of no HP DOC currently has been written


And from Chad:

From the Virtual Connect Cisco Admin Guide:


Virtual Connect and NIC Teaming


Virtual Connect supports NIC Teaming (or NIC bonding) on server NIC ports. For Windows on


x86, VC supports Network Fault Tolerance (NFT) and Transmit Load Balancing (TLB) but does not


support Switch-assisted Load Balancing (SLB).  For Windows on Integrity, VC supports Network


Fault Tolerance (NFT), Transmit Load Balancing (TLB), and static Dual Channel with only two


NIC ports in the team, but does not support Switch-assisted Load Balancing (SLB).  For Linux, VC


supports any NIC bonding type that does not require 802.3ad (static or dynamic using LACP) on


the server NIC ports.



Hoa also chimed in:

See attached and more here




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