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The rule to make FCoE FlexHBA WWN

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The rule to make FCoE FlexHBA WWN

Dae Yong had a question regarding FCoE World-Wide Names (WWN)




Hello experts,


Simple question about VC Flexfabric.

When configured by vc-defined for ethernet and factory-defined for fc, what is the rule(combination) to make FCoE FlexHBA WWN?

It seems that vc-defined mac address is used to make it.






Input from Fred:

Yes, VCM uses the VC-assigned MAC address to generated the WWN in this case. This behavior has its roots in older versions of OA which didn’t provide the actual hardware FCoE WWPNs to VCM.


Newer versions of OA now provide the actual hardware FCoE WWPNs and HP OneView will use them as part of its FCoE support.


Question back from Dae Yong:

Fred, thanks for good information.  I understand that FCoE WWN is generated by VCM (but, it’s NOT VC-defined), even though it’s defined as factory-default.

What is older version of OA?  ex. older than FW 4.00.  And IF update to newer version of OA, can FCoE WWPNs be changed to actual one without notice or warning?

Please help me more.


Reply from Fred:

This addressing algorithm will continue unchanged in VCM. Updating OA or VC will have no effect on existing addresses.