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Thoughts on moving VCEM SQL instance & VCEM Disaster Recovery

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Thoughts on moving VCEM SQL instance & VCEM Disaster Recovery

Michael had a VCEM database question:




Anyone have a procedure to move the SQL instance that underlies a VCEM instance? My customer wants to move the underlying database (not export/import) from PolyServe to a new SQL cluster. If they can do it reliably, they may want to use the process to provide some DR capability for VCEM. That begs the second question: do we have a documented DR strategy for VCEM, or does anyone have one they’d be willing to share or discuss?




Fred answered:




VCEM’s data is stored in the System Insight Manager (SIM) database. The data migration white paper, available here describes how to migrate the SIM database.


The recommended way to achieve High Availability for SIM and VCEM is to install in a MicroSoft Cluster System Failover Cluster configuration. This is covered in a whitepaper "Installing and upgrading to HP Insight Software 6.3 on Windows Server 2008 R2 Failover Clusters with SQL Server 2008 for high availability“. The VCEM6.3 version of the paper is still in development. The 6.2 version is available here.




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