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Throughput with LACP on Virtual Connect

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Throughput with LACP on Virtual Connect

Hello Everybody,

maybe there's a simple question:

(Scenario) i've C7000Enc with VC 1/10Gb ENET I've created an shared uplink aggregating 4 port of VC and i've created on core switch a LACP trunk to have on the VC all 4 eth port linked active-active (not failover)

Everything works but the server negotiate at 1Gbs, configured the vc for AUTO not for failover.


When i create and publish the ethernet profile, blades can negotiate on 4Gbit links or not? (blades have two 10GB eth adapter)


Otherwise using Windows Nic Teaming i've an effective Throughput of 8Gbits? (4Gbit for ethernet for 2 adapter)