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Traffic through crosslink with multiple mapped networks

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Traffic through crosslink with multiple mapped networks



Im quite new to Virtual connect and have a configuration that I cannot get working.

We have two Flex10 10Gb Ethernet Module in a C7000 Enclosure with BL460C G6 Servers.

I want to configure one of each LOM Ports with two Networks (dmz: VLAN 200 and Management: VLAN 300) and due to Bandwith limitations the traffic must flow over the VC Internal Stacking Links (east/west traffic or?)


Here is what I've done:

1. I created booth networks with the corresponding vlans:






2. then I created a server profile and configured Port 3 and 4 as multiple networks:








3. In windows I configured a team over Port 3 and 4 (NFT with Preference Order due to the different Bandwidth) with the HP NCU and setup vlans on that team:




At the end I had two NICs with the corresponding vlan.

At this point I wasnt able to make a ping between two servers inside the Enclosure over the corresponding vlan NICs.

For your Information: the SUS isnt configured on the externel switch's side but since I want to have traffic inside the VC Domain it shouldn't matter.




Thanks in advance & best Regards




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Re: Traffic through crosslink with multiple mapped networks

Well this is very strange now.

It is working now for 2 servers. The only difference I made is: I deleted the SUS and mapped the vNets through the server profile to the corresponding vlans. In the Network Configuration Utility I set the Management Interface (vlan300) as the "Default/Native VLAN Tag". Then the 2 servers could ping eachother.


But: Exactly the same configuration does NOT work on a third server in the same VC Domain.

I checked all thinks twice with a co-worker. The VC and NCU configs are identical, but its not possible to reach one of the tother servers in the vlan.


I hope some help :)



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Re: Traffic through crosslink with multiple mapped networks

We got it now.

Im not sure about it, but I will test it with 1 a fourth Server: It seems, that the device names created by NCU are shwon inverted in windows.

After a reboot all was shown correct and we realized, that we setup the wrong IPs.


Best Regards


malte :)