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Two 3PAR StoreServ connected to same VC FlexFabric modules -non urgent

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Two 3PAR StoreServ connected to same VC FlexFabric modules -non urgent

Chris had a FlatSAN connectivity question:




I saw something that showed two 3PAR Storage Arrays connected to the same pair of VC FlexFabric modules. I know it could be done by creating two SANs on each VC module and connecting to both 3PARs, the limitation would be that an HBA port can only connect to one SAN / 3PAR system at a time.

Is there a way to connect more than one 3PAR to the same VC modules and the same SAN without using SAN switches? Some kind of magic with NPIV?




From Kant:

You mean pg #25-26 of the FC Cookbook?


Reply from Dan:

Yeah, Bottom half of p.25 is what he wants I think.


So Kant, because of this note:

this is because only 4 uplink ports are available for FC connection on the FlexFabric module


Does this mean with a VC FlexFabric-20/40 F8 module we can technically do 8 3PARs?


Reply from Kant:

Yes, I don’t see any reason why you can’t do 8xFlexports with VC FlexFabric-20/40 F8 module.


More from Chris:

Thank you. I guess the part the part I did not understand was how multiple 3PARs could be connected and configured as part of the same SAN on each VC, as an example when blade one LOM1b HBA becomes active it logins to port X1 on VC1, but the array it needs to talk to is direct connected to X3 on VC1. Does it reconnect to X3 or does the request get directed by NPIV or another transport to get to the 3PAR direct connected to X3?



  • The Zoning between the server ports and the VC SAN uplink ports is automatically configured based on the VC SAN Fabric and server profile definitions. This implicit zoning restricts servers connected to a given Direct-Attach fabric to access only the storage attached to uplinks in a same Direct-Attached fabric. Both the Name server scans and RSCN messages are limited to this zone.



Input from Kant:

With Flat SAN there is no *NPIV*, we are enabling lightweight FC services with automated zoning on per port basis in other words VC is behaving like switch for ports configured as “Direct Attach”, the target thinks it is talking to a switch port. Only ports configured as “Fabric Attach” will do NPIV to the upstream fabric.


Did I answered your question?


Reply from Chris:

Yes, think I was stuck on NPIV and did not understand it was acting like a switch. The more I think about it had to be that way with only on 3PAR with multiple ports connected.


Thank you again.




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