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Two more Virtual Connect FlexFabric questions

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Two more Virtual Connect FlexFabric questions

David had some Virtual Connect FlexFabric questions from a customer:




I recently had a couple interesting questions from a customer during a c-Class / FlexFabric presentation. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


1.     The customer has two redundant SAN fabrics – that is, four SAN fabrics total – in their datacenter. At launch, will we be able to support four FC fabrics per pair of VC FlexFabric modules (and per CNA)? As an example, SAN fabrics A & B are redundant; fabrics C & D are redundant and physically separate from A & B. Will we be able to support fabrics A & C from FlexFabric interconnect bay 1 and fabrics B & D from interconnect bay 2?

2.     At launch, will we be able to stack FC links? That is, can the native FC ports be stacked, or does each VC FF module require that at least one native FC port be used as an uplink to each SAN fabric?


Please feel free to contact me should you have any questions or comments. Thanks in advance.




Vincent replied:




VC FlexFabric has 8 faceplate ports, 4 that can be used for either SAN FC or Ethernet PLUS 4 for Ethernet only (including 2 shared with the crosslinks). 2 SAN fabrics per module is easy indeed, you could even have 2 uplinks going to each fabric, and still have 2 or 3 (if you take one of the cross-connects) Ethernet uplinks. All supported.

No stacking on FC as Terri mentioned.




Good info for David. Any other suggestions?