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Unable to reset Virtual Connect FC Module

Lee Van Iderstine
Occasional Visitor

Unable to reset Virtual Connect FC Module

I have a BladeSystem c7000 that's been reconfigured to support double-dense blades.

The c7000 is configured with 4x 1/10 Virtual Connect Ethernet Modules runningn 3.60 firmware and 4x Virtual Connect 8Gb 24-port modules.


1 of the modules has legacy information (IP etc) that I cannot seem to reset. It shows as incompatible and off in the VC Manager but shows ok in the OA.


I have tried resetting the module via the reset pinhole in the front, but it won't actually wipe the configuration. I have tried SSHing to it, and using the VC login and the default login from the modules sticker, neither work.


I need some solution to get this module reset to I can bring it into my Virtual Connect domain. Is there a trick to the reset button, or is there another way to reset it? Jumper/Switch/removing battery/compact flash etc?


Thanks in advance.


Re: Unable to reset Virtual Connect FC Module



Have you tried to reset the VC using the system maintenance switch location on the VC itself?


Refer to this document and image attached for the switch location.


Good Luck!

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