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Update C7000 help

Wayne Streeter
Occasional Contributor

Update C7000 help

Hi All,

I currently have the following configuration:

C7000 with interconnect bay 1,2,5,6 with VC 1/10-F and bay 3,4 with Brocades.


VC 1/10-F     VC 1/10-F

Brocade        Brocade

VC 1/10-F     VC 1/10-F


I have 2- bl460c G1 blades and would like to purchase bl460c G6 blades and update the C7000.


I was thinking of updating to Flex-10,  would the best solution be to place Flex 10 in Bays 1&2 and keep the 

VC 1/10F in bays 5&6,  would this allow me to use both the bl460G1 and future bl460c G6 ?


Also would be the benefit in changing from the brocade to vc-fc's ?


Thanks for your suggestions and comments