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Re: Updated Virtual Connect Flex-10 firmware

Trusted Contributor

Updated Virtual Connect Flex-10 firmware

Kristy was having a Virtual Connect upgrade issue and was looking for assistance:



I was updating the flex 10 VC firmware and my network cable must have come unplugged because now one of the 4 VC modules that are stacked did not get the update and when I tried to update again I get the error message:


ERROR: Previous firmware update operation on one or more modules is not completed.


Is there any way to fix this?


Chris provided some advice:


Physically reseat the module.  Then execute a “report” action.  You then may be able to upgrade just the lone VC module.



Any other action that you have done in this situation? Let us know please!

Trusted Contributor

Re: Updated Virtual Connect Flex-10 firmware

Kristy reported success:




Reseating the Virtual Connect did the trick.  I didn’t even have to execute “report” action.  After reseating it showed the firmware version to be the latest.  So I am not sure what happened.




Good news! Unfortunate that it happened in the first place.