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Upgrade Virtual Connect


Upgrade Virtual Connect

Hi... i need any recomendation in this community a but the Virtual Connect upgrade 

i have a 4 VC :

-   In bay 1, 2 is a HP VC Flex-10 Enet Module 

-   In bay 3,4 HP VC 8Gb 24-Port FC Module

The Virtual Connect manager version is 2.33 and i need upgrade to the 4.50 version.

is pissble upgrade from the 2.33 version to 4.50 version or is necessary upgrade to previous version first?


Jimmy Vance

Re: Upgrade Virtual Connect

You might want to check the release notes for upgrade paths


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Honored Contributor

Re: Upgrade Virtual Connect

You should also plan to update the OA, iLO, network and FC controller and server ROM firmware.  Basically plan for an outage if you can.  Most of the issues in upgrading across many releases involve the VC configuration.  You want to make a config backup at each update step so that if you have to you can go back to the original config.

The following document can help with this:

Its located in the same place that Jmmy provided.



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