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Upgrading VC Modules - need to shut down Blade Enclosure?

Occasional Contributor

Upgrading VC Modules - need to shut down Blade Enclosure?



I'm planning to upgrade the 4 x Virtual Connect 1/10Gb modules with 2 x VC Flex-10 modules.

When removing the old modules do i need to shutdown the servers or will they continue to operate normally on VC interconnect Bays 3+4?



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Re: Upgrading VC Modules - need to shut down Blade Enclosure?



VC 1/10 E-NET are quite differential blade enclosure components than VC Flex10 -modules are, so is recommended that you arrange full maintenance break for that enclosure and you create your VC-domain again as ports etc are with differential methods in Flex10 modules instead of in 1/10 E-NET modules.




1) Power down blade servers

2) Take backup from currently existing OA and VC setups

3) Remote existing VC modules from Interconnection bays (remember put cover panels to Interconnection bays to where will not come anymore module that cold and warm air wont get mixed inside enclosure causing unnecessary power usage due full power running fans).

4) Install new Flex10 VC modules to Interconnection bays 1 and 2. Put to bay 1 first (left side of bay)

5) Wait that OA find new modules before try start login to new modules for do VC-setup

6) When OA has found new modules, login to primary VC module (should locate in interconnection bay 1) and start VC-setup as creating totally new VC-domain via importing enclosure to new domain etc.


Have fun! :)


Br. Joonas




The Brit
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Re: Upgrading VC Modules - need to shut down Blade Enclosure?

As pointed out by Jonas,    this is not a trivial upgrade, primarily because the 1/10G VC configuration is not compatible with the Flex10 modules.     Effectively, you have to completely rebuild your VC configuration after the hardware upgrade has been completed.


Most of this can be scripted, however it will take a bit of thought to minimize your maintenance window.