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Upgrading Virtual Connect 1/10 module to Virtual Connect Flex-10 module

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Upgrading Virtual Connect 1/10 module to Virtual Connect Flex-10 module

Patrick had a customer upgrade question:




I have a customer that wants to replace there Virtual Connect 1/10 with Flex-10. We are upgrading the firmware to VCM v3.51 but I have never done this before. If we backup the domain, can we do a restore after installing the Flex-10?




From Chuck:

Hi Patrick, the steps are outlined in the VC Setup & Installation Guide around page 47.


Keep in mind that the uplink ports are different, so the vNets will likely have to be modified as well.


If what you are replacing are the primary/standby manager, you will have to delete and recreate the domain.  The Show Config command will be of use and should be run before upgrading.   

You should be able to extract and create the commands needed to recreate the domain using the original MACs and WWIDs.


From Lee:

If you upgrade the current VC modules to VC 3.51 before doing the change, you can use the new “show config” command to get the current configuration setup commands.  Show Config will not save the WWN or MAC address assignments but it will provide the uplink and profile configurations.


And from Chris:

Or you can do it the fun way, capture all the profiles and try and recreate them in the same order. If the original profiles were created with the wizard it can be quite easy.




Any other best practices that you would like to share?