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Uplink port utilization in Virtual Connect

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Uplink port utilization in Virtual Connect

Ramu had a VC port utilization question:




One of the customer wants to see network uplink port utilization in VC module. While the fcTxByteRate in “show statistics” command gives bytes/s on FC links, but not able to find any equivalent for network utilization.


Also can we set threshold on uplink ports for utilization and get alert if utilization is above the set threshold?




Info from Vincent:




The throughput statistics feature was designed for this. Look for “statistics-throughput” in the CLI user guide for VC >= 3.30, and for “throughput statistics” in the GUI user guide if VC >= 3.70

You can get an SNMP trap if a port utilization crosses a high- or low-water mark, but the water marks are not configurable currently. They’re documented in the user guide as well.




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