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Using Insight Control (IC) performance management onto FlexNIC

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Using Insight Control (IC) performance management onto FlexNIC

Peng had a FlexNIC question:




In manual of Insight Control performance management,


it is said that network related performance data can be collected.


When using Flex10/FlexFabric, what will be the target of these performance data, per FlexNIC or whole physical NIC port?

I have confirmed many places but unfortunately no related content found.


Also, if I install Insight Managment Agents (IMA) into that target server, what will be confirmed from SIM System Management Homepage (SMH/SIM)?

Should be information for the whole physical NIC port, i.e., summary of 4 FlexNICs?




Vincent replied:




VC currently collects performance data at the 10Gb port level, it doesn’t go down to each FlexNIC.




David also chimed in:




Vincent is correct when it comes to Virtual Connect modules, but in Insight Control the object in question is the host.  The referenced page 55 below is talking about the OS counters that will be used, and that will be from the point of view of a FlexNIC as “visualized” by the operating system…




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