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Using LACP with Virtual Connect modules question

Trusted Contributor

Using LACP with Virtual Connect modules question

Kamlesh had a question:




I am not a Virtual Connect (VC) expert how do I check on VC if LACP is enabled?




Reply from Vincent:




In VC Manager check the Shared Uplink Set (or Ethernet network) definition. For LACP Connection Mode should be Auto. If it's Failover VC will not use LACP. See screenshot below:






And from Dave:




                The upstream switch needs to be configured for LACP.


VC will make the connection automatically when more than one uplink is configured for a network and the switch is configured correctly.

I always check under the ‘Hardware’, ‘Interconnect’, ‘Bay1 or Bay2’, ‘Uplink’ tab sections to make sure that the assigned uplinks have the same LAG ID numbers. If not then the LACP needs to be checked/corrected on the external upstream switch.





Any other input?