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Re: VC Active Standby Issue

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VC Active Standby Issue

Hello All,



We have recently purchased a C7000 with 2 VC FlexFabric 10GB modules and i'm trying to configure these in Active/Active scenario.


I have tried few ways (see attachments)


1 - Create ONE Shared Uplink Set with a port from bay 1 and bay 2 into one trunk then created a server profile.


2 - Created TWO  Shared uplink Sets for each bay and created a trunk for each (trunk1 and trunk2)


Currently we have one HP A5800 switch with both ports configured as LACP.


Despite the above i can't get Active Active working, what am i missing? I have worked through the HP Cookbook for these settings.





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Re: VC Active Standby Issue

We have two SUS (one per VC module) in our latest C7000 and we configured two links to our (different) coreswitches and they are active/active. I think your issue is that you have configured LACP on the switch side. You shouldn't do that. That way it will be active/active and the VirtualConnect will handle STP etc.


Try this in a Lab first though :)

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Re: VC Active Standby Issue


For A/A you should create trunk SUS using phisical port's form the same VC module. For example:
bay 1 : X7
bay 1 : X8

Then you'll get A/A.


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Re: VC Active Standby Issue

For Active/Active you would create a SUS with multiple ports from I/O Module 1 and a SUS with multiple ports from I/O module 2.


SUS_1 - encX:bay1:PortX2, PortX3...PortXn

SUS_2 - encX:bay2:PortX2,PortX3,,,PortXn


Then you create Ethernet Networks for each SUS:


Network_1 - External Port SUS_1

Network_2 - External Port SUS_2


Then in the Server Preofile you create a seeperate Ethernet Adapter Port for each Network:


Port 1 - Network_1

Port 2 - Network_2


These two Ethernet Adapter Ports will show up on the server as seperate NIC's that can then be bonded.



Once it's in production it's all bugs after that.