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VC - DVs rspan

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VC - DVs rspan

I need to mirror some ports of my virtual enviroment to another VM this is my scenario

* 2 x C7000

* 2 x HP VC FlexFabric 10Gb/24-Port Module in each C7000

* 9 ESXi 5.5 Update 2

* 1 vDS

* 2 Portgroup, one for management and other for traffic capture ( vLAN 8 )

* One "traffic" vm with ip address

* One "Capture VM" with ip address with 2 interfaces one in vLAN 8 for capture

DVS have 2 session configured and enabled

* Enable "Remote Mirroring Source" to capture all the traffic from "traffic" VM and encapsulate to another vLAN ( 8 )

* Enable "Remote Mirroring Destination" to capture all traffic from vLAN 8 and send traffic to Capture VM

This setup does not work, after some google find an PDF from HPe saiyng that: "HP Virtual Connect for c-Class BladeSystems - Virtual Connect Cannot be
Used to Forward Captured Packets from External Span, rspan or Mirror

There is another way to capture traffic from one o more VMs and send this traffic to another VM ?