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VC Domain configuration, moving to new enclosure, possible?

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VC Domain configuration, moving to new enclosure, possible?



I posted a question about moving VC domains from Flex-10 to Flex-10/10D modules. I received a reply indicating that a white paper detailed how to migrate to newer hardware. However the white paper seems to address moving the VC Domain configuration to newer hardware within the same enclosure, not a newer enclosure with newer Flex-10/10D modules.


My understanding of VC domains is that it's tied to the enclosure's serial number. Isn't that why HP built into newer versions of VC F/W to check and write the enclosure serial number back into the midplane if a swap was detected? If the serial number was not restored then the VC Domain would be offline/stale until corrected?


bottom line: old enc w/flex-10(vc domain 1)       move        to new enc w/ Flex-10/10D (vc domain will still be 1).

All servers and interconnects will move except for Flex-10 modules. Possible? I know I can re-create all VC settings, profiles, enet and SAN but am trying to avoid this if I can.