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VC Flex10/10D and 6 NIC for VMware


VC Flex10/10D and 6 NIC for VMware


I am configuring C7000, that have two Virtual Connect Flex 10/10D module. only two ports are connected to Network switch so total for frour port as an uplink.  Also there are two modules as 8/24 Brocade SAN switch.

I am trying to achieve 6 ethernet adapters for each server profile (2 for VM Service console, 2 for VMotion, and 2 adapters for VM-Network).

However when i try to configure Shared Uplink Sets, I have maximum of 4 uplinks. 

My question is, can i have 6 or 8 Virtual Network Adapters for above requirements without making more uplinks physical connectivity.

Bay1 =X1 Linked
Bay1=X2 Linked
Bay2=X1 Linked
Bay2=X2 Linked



Adrian Clint
Honored Contributor

Re: VC Flex10/10D and 6 NIC for VMware