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VC Flex10/FlexFabric to Nexus 5K question

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VC Flex10/FlexFabric to Nexus 5K question

Rino had a customer load-balance question:




Customer question regarding network uplinks … Which does HP VC Flex10/FlexFabric prefer? Also, their network team wanted to use IP HASH as load balancing algorithm in vSphere.  Besides it not being a good choice based on the config, I don’t believe it is supported with Virtual Connect,  Can anyone confirm this?




Reply from Kevin:

Route based on the originating virtual switch port ID is only the supported mechanism ..Which if I am not mistaken is default using VSphere.


And from Chris:

Correct.  As I outlined in the Virtual Connect Flex-10 and vSphere Networking Reference Architect (including the FlexFabric version), Route by IP Hash is not supported, as that requires EtherChannel (or Static LACP), of which no VC modules support EtherChannel on any port, or LACP on the downlinks.




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