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VC FlexFabric 10G performance

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VC FlexFabric 10G performance

i'm new with this about VC Flex thing, by default my enclosure has 2 Vc flex;  i wonder if i'm planning to have my enclosure at max = 16 Blades,  two VC Flex will give me the right performance or i shall have more than two?


Is there any kind of rule about depends of number of blades what is the number of VC Flex i shall have?


Also if you can provide me with any documentation will be nice.







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Re: VC FlexFabric 10G performance

you should have a pair of VC Flex-10 or FlexiFabric interconnects. The slots to install them are based on where the 10GB network is located. If on-board, the modules should be in Bays 1 and 2 for redundancy.


If the 10GB network is from a mezzanine card installed it would map to the associated bays for that connector.


For example: BL460/G7 has two mezzanine slots. The first mezzanine connector maps to bays 3 and 4 interconnect backplane (usually this would be for SAN HBAs), and the second would be to bays 5,6,7 and 8.


you could have two (VC)  10GB interconnect modules in bays 1 and 2 for on-board NICs,

two (VC) 10GB interconnects in bays 3 and 4, and two more in bays 5 and 6 as long as you installed mezzanine cards into both connectors on the blade.