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VC FlexFabric 10Gb/24 failover issue

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VC FlexFabric 10Gb/24 failover issue


c7000 enclosure

2 FlexFabric 10Gb/24 modules

Enterasys (Extreme) S6 switch

2 connections from one blade in the switch to bay 1

2 connections from a second blade in the switch to bay 2


VC FlexFabric firmware - 3.7  (yes I know it is old)


Two uplink sets, one for each bay with two NICs (X1 and X2) in each uplink set.  X1 is linked-active.  X2 is linked-standby.


Swich port to X1 on each bay is configured with LACP.   Switch port to X2 on each bay is not. (Don't ask me why, I did not configure it.)



Vsphere 5.5 on the hosts.


The other day one of the blades in the switch (the one connected to bay 1) reset.  The VC FlexFabric modules did not fail the traffic to the other VC bay and when the switch blade recovered, traffic still did not flow.  I had to reset the VC module in bay 1 to make the traffic flow again.



Any ideas as to why this may have happened?


I have spent the past couple days trying to find an answer.




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Re: VC FlexFabric 10Gb/24 failover issue

I'm not sure I fully understand your setup. Are you saying you have LACP configured for ports X1 in bay1 and bay2? If so that is not going to work in any virtual connect scenario I've seen. I do LACP across ports in single module (module-1) and create Shared Uplink Sets for each LACP group so I have SUS-A and SUS-B. The ESXi host will be assigned redundant networks carved out of the SUS's.


In other words


vmnic0 maps to VLAN100-A which is carved out of SUS-A which rides module-1 ports x1 and x2 in an LACP to physical switching

vmnic1 maps to VLAN100-B which is carved out of SUS-B which rides module-2 ports x1 and x2 in an LACP to physical  switching


See attached pic of what my networks look like in VCEM (similar look if you're using just VCM)


vmnic0 and 1 are mapped to the management port group or whatever service(s) port group you want. I carve mgt and vm network port groups out of the SUS's since I have 20G available in the LACP group.


Not sure if this helps but unless something has changed beyond firmware 4.10 you cannot LACP across VC modules, they don't have stacking capability.


good luck


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Re: VC FlexFabric 10Gb/24 failover issue

I think your configuration is what the implemeter was trying to do.  I have since spoken to him and at least the LACP from the network switch to each VC module part he thought was done.  I need to check the rest.  There is no documentation of this setup so, I am having to check through everything.