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VC FlexFabric FC NPIV


VC FlexFabric FC NPIV


I am facing issue, as we have powered off one of the SAN switch to migrate from one of the RACK to another one.

After migration, we have faced single path to storage. only SAN have visibility to storage from Virtual-Connect-A.

Step by Step diagnosing i have reached to point the issue is with Virtual-Connect-B, as i have changed the following in steps.

  • Replaced FC san cables (both on storage and Blade for VC-B)
  • installed new FC SAN switch
  • Upgraded new FOS
  • physical removed VC-B from Blade are installed it on same BAY.

After logged in to SAN-B, i found only single WWN instead of All Blade Servers (NPIV) asn SAN-A have visibility of servers of Blade.


How do i diagnose the VC-B to allow all servers to loggin to SAN-B for all servers.

OA- Version : 4.50
VC- Version  : 4.02