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VC FlexFabric & IRF ( Intelligent Resilient Framework ) from H3C

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VC FlexFabric & IRF ( Intelligent Resilient Framework ) from H3C

Paulo had a question of whether HP Virtual Connect Flex-10 or Virtual COnnect FlexFabric modules support Intelligent Resilient Framework (IRF) on HP Networking products.


Malcom provided some great info and diagrams:




IRF works fine with either Flex-10 or FlexFabric.  It is the same as connecting to any other Active-Active network edge (Cisco vPC for example).  And with the A-Series (H3C) equipment about 30% less cost and up to 50% less power it is a no brainer vs other vendors.


Below are some examples:








Good stuff! Hope it helps you with your network and datacenter designs.

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Re: VC FlexFabric & IRF ( Intelligent Resilient Framework ) from H3C

Hi, this is a great picture.

I am just putting together a similar solution with the blade chassis in separate rooms in a campus site and wondered if I can create a single VC Domain across rooms with the Flex-10s just connecting to the local core switch and would this give me the same availability. Thinking this would keep VMware traffic like vMotion and FT of the cores, and it means as the number of chassis scales in each room we do not need to ramp up the cross location core to blade fibres.

I have attached a picture with a couple of options...