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VC FlexFabric and 1Gb SFP's question.

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VC FlexFabric and 1Gb SFP's question.

Hilton had a VC FlexFabric question:




I have a customer who may run into a timing issue between a 10Gb network upgrade and the arrival of their c7000 with 2x FlexFabric interconnects.  They may have to resort to using 1Gb SFPs for some time.  In an attempt to maximise bandwidth, is it possible to use 4x 1Gb SFPs in X5 – X8 which would disable the horizontal stacking links, then use a DAC cable in say X1 to act as a horizontal stacking link ( since at least 1 horizontal stacking link is required ) ?


It’s not elegant.  But is it supported ?




From Gallig:




Yes, it is a supported solution. As long as you maintain connection between all VC modules within the same VC domain, it’s fine.




Questions or comments?


Re: VC FlexFabric and 1Gb SFP's question.

Are there specific SFPs required for this or would, for example, the X121 (J8177C) work?

Hongjun Ma
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Re: VC FlexFabric and 1Gb SFP's question.

we have some customers set up like this to use all 1G ports from X5-X8. this is supported.


for Flexfabric supported SFP/SFP+, please check its quickspec. you can find it off my blog VC bookmark links.

My VC blog: