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VC supported Upgrade path

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VC supported Upgrade path

Hey gus,


I'm planning an upgrade from VC 3.51 and 4.01 to 4.45.

There are Flex-10 Enet and 8GB 20 Port FC modules in the enclosures.


I'm a little confused on the upgrade path. In the 4.45 release notes there's a table for the upgrade/downgrade path for the 8GB 20 port modules. it says:

From VC 3.30/3.51/ 3.60/3.70/3.75/ 4.01/4.10          To VC 1.31 to 3.18 and 4.20 to 4.45       Yes 

So does this mean I have to to upgrade to 4.20 first and then to 4.45 when I have the 8GB 20 port modules in the enclosures? I couldn't find any other documents stating you have to do intermediate upgrades, but can go directly from 3.X to 4.X. Is this intermediate upgrade special to the 8GB 20 port FC modules?





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Re: VC supported Upgrade path

I have upgraded from 3.xx to the 4.4x without any problems.  Basically the upgrade path recommendation is insurance of sorts.  If something goes really wrong during the upgrade and you lose the VC configuration, you can apply the previous versions configuration backup to that new firmware image.  A backup configuration may not be compatible between firmware versions that are several revisions apart.

If you go from 3.51 to 4.45 and lose your configuration, you may not be able to apply the backup config from the 3.xx environment.   That is the risk you face.


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