VC with LACP

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VC with LACP


I need test instance without VC configured. Can someone tell me VC work with LACP without basic setup and configured domain? If I plug in 2 SFP in two VC on empty config VC created LACP automaticaly?


Re: VC with LACP

Default VC module configuration:

When VC modules are inserted into an enclosure that is not yet part of a Virtual Connect domain, the modules are configured to provide basic connectivity. After a Virtual Connect domain is defined for an enclosure, server blades within that enclosure are isolated from all external network and fabric connections until configured explicitly within VCM.

When not part of a Virtual Connect domain, each VC-Enet module is configured so that all server ports connected to that module are connected to a single network, which is then connected to a single uplink. To provide greater bandwidth, you can use LACP to aggregate additional ports on that module, as long as they are connected to the same external switch. For aggregation of links to an external switch, the external switch must support dynamic creation of link aggregation groups using the IEEE 802.3ad LACP. All stacking links are disabled. This default configuration enables connectivity testing between server NICs and devices outside the enclosure prior to Virtual Connect domain configuration.

When not part of a Virtual Connect domain, all of the VC-FC Module uplink ports are grouped into an uplink port group and dynamically distribute connectivity from all server blades across all available uplink ports.

For more information please refer HPE Virtual Connect for c-Class BladeSystem Setup and Installation Guide Version 4.80

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