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VC3.30 Server side 28 or 162 VLAN support?

Trusted Contributor

VC3.30 Server side 28 or 162 VLAN support?

Esa had a VLAN question:





VC3.30 release notes says:

"The number of connections on a server downlink has been increased from 28 to 162"


But form VC3.30 web still says:

“Networks in mapping (32 mapped; limit is 28)

“There are too many mapping. Up to 28 mappings are supported.”


Is there still 28-VLan limit on single Flex-10 port????




Dave helped explain:




Your Domain is probably in the legacy mode.  You can set this ‘expanded VLAN’ mode under ‘Ethernet’ – ‘Advanced Settings’. This enclosure has the older 1/10 GB modules, which are not support(grayed out).







Any other help for Esa?