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VCEM Domain Group Rename?

Trusted Contributor

VCEM Domain Group Rename?

Thomas and Patrick asked:




A customer asked me how to rename a Domain Group in VCEM. 

They have VCEM 6.1b with Update 1 installed and configured.  They created a Domain Group and placed two enclosures in it.  When created it was given a name that no longer conforms to the naming standard.  They need to change the Domain Group name.


Any GUI or CLI way to do this without deleting the Domain Group and recreating it?

And while on the subject is there a way to Rename the VC Domain itself with VCEM, without going into Maintenance mode and doing it from VCM? OR can this be done while in a Domain Group???




Fred answered:




They’ll need to delete and recreate the VC Domain Group if they want to change its name.


If this is a Matrix configuration, consult the Matrix docs before making any such change. Don’t delete/recreate the Domain Group directly through VCEM, use Matrix tools to avoid breaking Matrix.




Have you had this problem? What was your course of action?