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VCEM Migration - A Few Questions

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VCEM Migration - A Few Questions



I have a new VCEM install that I would like to migrate our current VC's into but I have a few questions. I added a few of the VC's into VCEM and went to add them into a new VC Domain Group. I am confused as to what will happen with the Range Type Selection. The VC's are currently setup to use the HP Pre-defined MAC's and WWN's and I understand that you must use the VCEM scheme but does that mean VCEM will re-address the configuration of the VC's?


Thank you!

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Re: VCEM Migration - A Few Questions

I have done this and it brought in the existing HP Pre-Defined MAC and WWN addresses.  If I add or delete and re-add ports it then uses the VCEM addresses.  If I delete a profile - the addresses all change to VCEM, I've done this and had to the new WWN's zoned.

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Re: VCEM Migration - A Few Questions

Yep, this is how it goes.
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